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Receiving Compensation that You Are Entitled to with the Help of a Wage Dispute Lawyer

Employers in the state are required to comply with the provisions of the Massachusetts Wage Act, also known as the Weekly Wage Law. It governs how wages are paid to employees, ensures that they are paid in a prompt manner by their employers, and is a part of several wage and hour laws designed to protect employees in the state. The law includes harsh penalties for non-compliance on the part of an employer.

Despite these possible penalties, some employers either choose not to comply or cannot comply necessitating the need to retain the services of a wage dispute lawyer to assist an employee to file a suit to recover wages.

You Can Sue an Employer for Several Kinds of Violations

Workers have the right to sue their employers for violations of wage and hour laws. Knows as the worker’s private right of action, employees can make a request through the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Fair Labor Division or work with an attorney from the outset to ensure their rights are protected.

There are several types of violations that an employee can sue for, including:

  • Not being paid a required minimum wage.
  • Not being paid wages in full
  • Not being paid a prevailing wage
  • Not being paid overtime
  • Retaliation
  • Being classified as an independent contractor
  • Taking any part of a workers’ tips
  • Violating the right to earned sick time
  • Not following the rules for domestic workers

Employers who lose a suit will pay a heavy price. When an employee or group of employees win a court case; they are entitled to receive triple damages, attorney fees, and court costs.

Pay Attention to the Statute of Limitations

If you have been the victim of a wage dispute, be sure to file a claim within three years after the violation. If you go beyond that timeframe, you will lose your right to sue. Your employment lawyer can assist you with making sure you are within the deadline timeframe.

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