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Ensuring Fair Severance Packages for Employees & Employers

Years ago, companies would reward departing employees with a gold watch or some other symbolic token of appreciation. Companies did not want anything in return. However, times have changed.

These days, companies that provide a severance package almost always require that the departing employee execute a release as a condition of getting the severance payment. A release is essentially a binding promise that the departing employee forfeits his or her rights to sue the company.

There are a couple of exemptions, which means that certain rights cannot be waived by a private agreement, such as:

  • Rights to benefits under ERISA
  • And the worker’s comp statute

At Davis & Davis, P.C., we assist employees and employers in Middlesex, Essex, and Suffolk counties by reviewing severance packages and mediating or litigating disputes regarding severance packages.

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Why Should You Have an Attorney Review Your Severance Package?

Reviewing a severance package is easy for an experienced employment law attorney. However, it is not just about reviewing a boilerplate contract. The important part about severance package reviews is the analysis of any viable legal claims, placing a value on those claims, and comparing the same to the severance package offer.

For example, if a client comes into our office and has legal claims that are worth approximately $25,000, but the severance package is worth about the same amount, then it probably makes sense to accept the severance package. However, if a client has a $25,000 severance package but has solid legal claims worth $50,000 or more, then our team can typically negotiate for a more lucrative severance package offer.

How Attorney John Davis Can Help

Attorney John Davis has probably reviewed more than 1,000 of these contracts in his career. He has drafted and negotiated many as well. Because John has a reputation for not making idle threats, defense lawyers know that when John threatens litigation, he is not bluffing. John has worked hard to cultivate a reputation for blending tempered aggression with tactful diplomacy.

Let Us Review Your Severance Package Before You Sign

Having a severance package attorney in Boston review your severance package before you offer it to an employee or sign it for your employer can save you money and time later on. Before forfeiting your right to sue, ensure that the agreement represents your best interests.

If you have any questions about severance packages, call (978) 228-2262 or contact us online for tailored advice.

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