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Unemployment Benefits: Employers Do Not Determine Eligibility

Many Massachusetts employees who are unexpectedly fired or laid off from work find themselves in dire financial straits. Unemployment benefits allow many individuals and families the opportunity to pay the mortgage and other household bills while they locate their next career opportunity. The Department of Unemployment Assistance (“DUA”) is the Massachusetts state agency responsible for determining whether displaced employees are eligible for unemployment benefits, which typically last for up to six months.

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Understand Your Rights in Unemployment

Many people are not aware of the fact that their former employer does not have the authority to determine whether an individual is entitled to benefits. The DUA makes this determination. Even if the company presents that the terminated employee is not entitled to benefits, the DUA may rule otherwise.

If You Were Terminated

If your former employer terminated the employment relationship, then the onus is on the company to establish that you, the former employee, are not entitled to the benefits. This is important because if the employee terminates the relationship (i.e., resigns or quits), then it is more difficult to convince the DUA to grant your application for unemployment benefits.

If your former employer terminates the employment relationship, the DUA will only deny your application if the employer establishes that you, as the employee, either:

  • Engaged in deliberate misconduct in willful disregard of the employer’s best interest
  • Violated a uniformly enforced company policy

If the employer cannot prove either of these two prongs pursuant to the statute, the employee should prevail.

Will You Be Eligible for Unemployment Benefits If You Quit?

If the employee terminates the employment relationship, then it is the employee’s responsibility to establish that there was an unavoidable reason. Further, the employee must prove that s/he tried to resolve the situation before quitting.

For example, if an employee is being subjected to sexual harassment and the employer fails to address and resolve the matter after being given notice, then the Disaster Unemployement Assistance (DUA) may decide that the employee, who may feel compelled to quit, is entitled to unemployment benefits.

The employee will not be eligible for unemployment benefits if they quit their job voluntarily without a good cause. If they quit because of the above reasons then they are eligible for full unemployment benefits

Need Your Application Approved? We Can Help

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