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At Davis & Davis, P.C., we frequently represent individuals who have claims for unpaid wages. We have collected millions of dollars in wages for our clients through privately negotiated settlements, mediations, arbitrations, and successful trials in the Massachusetts Superior Court.

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Upholding the Massachusetts Wage Act

Companies in Massachusetts need to be vigilant to comply with all aspects of the Massachusetts Wage Act (MGL 149 and 151) because violations entitle the employee to triple damages plus attorney’s fees, interest at 12%, and expenses. Furthermore, it does not matter if the company’s violation was inadvertent or accidental – all violations mandate the triple damages. Therefore, if an employee is hypothetically owed $10,000 in unpaid commissions, the amount owed automatically increases to $30,000 once a complaint is filed in the appropriate court.

What Constitutes a Violation of Wage & Hour Laws?

Employers may violate the Wage Act by:

  • Failing to pay commissions, wages, overtime wages, or wages for unused, accrued vacation
  • Misclassifying employees as independent contractors
  • Failing to pay prevailing wages on public works projects
  • Failing to pay employees who are undocumented workers
  • Misclassifying salaried employees as exempt from overtime
  • Wrongfully withholding tips, typically in the restaurant/bar industry
  • Failing to pay employees for working “off the clock”

Davis & Davis, P.C., has represented virtually every type of employee, from laborers making the minimum wage to well-paid surgeons and senior executives. Our Boston employment lawyers are prepared to fight to protect your rights.

How to Recover Unpaid Wages in Massachusetts

In order to recover unpaid wages, it is crucial to contact a wage and hour dispute attorney as soon as possible. Starting July 13, 2008, the state of Massachusetts states that an employee will be compensated three times their unpaid wages if they take the case to court and win.

The Wage Act is made so that working employees can afford an attorney. The wage and hour dispute attorneys at Davis & Davis, P.C. have experience representing a variety of employees in their unpaid wage and overtime claims. If you believe your employer has not paid you, do not hesitate to contact us today.

Representation for Businesses

Davis & Davis, P.C., is also willing to represent companies that need counseling or legal representation with wage disputes. Attorney John Davis uses a strict vetting process because our firm is committed to workplace fairness and equality and will not represent any companies that willfully violate labor laws.

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