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We Effectively Handle Divorce Concerns of All Kinds

At Davis & Davis, P.C., we take pride in combining integrity and ethics with a tenacious commitment to our clients’ best interests. Founding attorney Patricia Davis has extensive experience in Massachusetts divorce law, giving her an exceptional ability to understand the emotional context and effectively address it while avoiding catalysts that may make the situation even more volatile.

Our law firm assists clients with:

  • Separation: We advise clients on how to effectively form two households while the divorce is pending
  • Spousal support: We are very knowledgeable about the new alimony guidelines and their implications
  • Child support: We are particularly experienced in creating support agreements that work for clients in higher income brackets
  • Child custody and visitation: We provide clear counsel and assistance with parenting plans
  • Property division: We handle the equitable division of assets and debts, including retirement accounts and stock options

To get started, please call us at (978) 228-2262. We serve clients throughout Middlesex, Essex, and Suffolk counties.

Preserving Your Assets through Alternative Dispute Resolution

While Ms. Davis is an accomplished trial attorney, she believes that taking a divorce to court should typically be the last resort. Unnecessary litigation is not only unwise, but it is also a waste of our clients’ assets. Instead, at the onset of every case, we work hard to gather all relevant background information, identify the client’s particular goals, and reach out to the opposing counsel to learn where the contested issues lie.

By obtaining a comprehensive view of the situation, we are then able to offer a well-considered recommendation on whether to litigate or to resolve the disagreements through alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation, conciliation, and arbitration.

We Combat Delay Tactics with Intelligent Strategy

Embracing the “scorch-and-burn” approach that many lawyers take is frequently counterproductive. Often, it simply embroils the divorcing parties in needlessly expensive and time-consuming disputes.

As someone very familiar with discovery, interrogatories, and demands for financial disclosure, Attorney Davis knows that the other party will frequently delay or fail to produce the requested information. Her experience in large Boston firms has taught her how to circumvent such obstructions instead of being stymied by them. For instance, she may simply subpoena the records from the banking institution instead of succumbing to the other party’s delay tactics.

To arrange a consultation with our Boston divorce lawyers, call us at (978) 228-2262 or contact us online.

True Stories from Real Clients

  • “Patty is a trusted adviser and outstanding advocate.”


  • “She did an incredible job, and I would recommend her to anyone else who needs a family law attorney.”

    Edward “Pookie” Jackson, Longtime Equipment Manager, Major League baseball’s Boston Red Sox

  • “She is a tough, seasoned professional who knows the in’s and out’s of probate law.”


  • “I strongly recommend John Davis for any employment law issues.”

    Donald G.

  • “I highly recommend Davis & Davis PC if you want professional advice, involvement with the process and great people to communicate with.”

    Victoria B.