Expert Representation In Family And Employment Law

Our talented team of family lawyers is led by Patricia Davis, who has been practicing law since 1993. Over the years, she has honed her ability to balance being a skilled counselor in private and a strong advocate for you in court. She takes an active role in every case.

We understand the emotional and financial toll that marital dissolution, child custody and other family law matters can take. To minimize the negative impact on you, we are also skilled in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods. When applied to family law cases, these techniques often allow for faster, less expensive resolutions.

Rely On Our Experience To Guide You In Employment Law Matters

Attorney John Davis directs our employment law practice. Since graduating from law school, he has spent his career focusing on employment matters. Legal groups such as the National Employment Lawyers Association respect him, asking him to share his knowledge in panels and presentations.

Whether you are an employee who needs to enforce his or her rights or an employer required to comply with changing legal standards, you can rely on his professionalism and personal attention to resolve your employment law matter in the best way possible.