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  • $350,000 Settlement Unpaid Wages

    Settlement on behalf of hourly roof workers for failure to pay wages and failure to pay prevailing wages.

  • 250,000 Settlement Sexual Harassment

    Settlement on behalf of two Plaintiffs who were sexually harassed by a senior level manager.

  • $212,000 Settlement Age Discrimination
    Settlement in favor of Plaintiff on the basis of age discrimination
  • $155,000 Settlement Race Discrimination
    Jury verdict in favor of Plaintiff on the basis of race discrimination and failure to provide meal breaks,
  • $150,000 Settlement Wage Compensation
    Summary Judgment in favor of Plaintiff whose former employer failed to pay him $43,000 in commissions earned;
  • $140,000 Settlement Contract Discrepancy
    Settlement after achieving Summary Judgment in favor of Plaintiff who was misclassified as an independent contractor;
  • $60,000 Settlement Race Discrimination
    Verdict in precedent setting associational race discrimination litigation
  • $250,000 Settlement Unpaid Wages
    Settlement for failure to pay wages
  • Favorable Verdict Racial Discrimination
    Verdict in favor of Complainant in Massachusetts’ first “associational discrimination” claim in which a white employee was subjected to unlawful racial discrimination as a result of his engagement to an African American woman
  • Favorable Verdict Violation of Contract
    Declaratory judgment in favor of Plaintiff striking a Company’s non-compete and non-solicitation agreement.