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Even the Best Child Custody & Support Plans May Require Modification

Under Massachusetts law, there must be a “material and substantial change in circumstances” for the court to modify an existing order. But what exactly does this mean? Without a thorough understanding of prior case law, it is impossible to appreciate the full scope of this phrase and how it applies.

At the law firm of Davis & Davis, P.C. in North Reading, we have an in-depth understanding and 60 years of combined experience clients seek. We know how to accurately evaluate the various factors that may affect a child custody or support modification request in order to provide each client with an honest assessment of the likelihood of success in Middlesex, Essex, and Suffolk counties, and the surrounding areas.

We Stay on the Cutting Edge of Appellate Decisions Related to Removal

We have represented numerous clients in removal cases, both advocating for and defending against potential relocations. In these cases, our up-to-date understanding of evolving appellate decisions is a decided benefit for our clients. We are able to analyze current appellate rulings and apply the results to our clients’ cases.

It is also important to understand the difference between an interstate removal and an intrastate removal. If the other parent wants to move with the children to the farthest corner of Massachusetts, for instance, we may argue that it counts as a removal, because it would take you three hours to visit them.

We Offer Both Proactive & Corrective Assistance

When clients come to us for a divorce, we take the time to negotiate, draft and execute a comprehensive, 30-50 page separation agreement. The judge will typically incorporate this agreement into the final divorce judgment.

During the negotiating and drafting of this document, we work hard to anticipate any future pitfalls and proactively mitigate them. We are well aware that after spending thousands of dollars on the initial divorce, no one wants to go back to court and spend even more on a modification. For this reason, clients appreciate our emphasis on taking preventative measures.

We also provide “corrective” representation. This involves repairing mistakes in agreements that other lawyers have drafted. Hiring a private investigator, doing an asset search nationwide or overseas, or conducting a lifestyle analysis based on forensic accounting can all be useful tools to help support a client’s case.

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