What to Look for in a Top Rated Sexual Harassment Lawyer


How To Choose a Top-Rated Sexual Harassment Lawyer in Massachusetts

After you have decided to seek legal help because you are being sexually harassed in your workplace, the most important thing you must do is find the best sexual harassment attorney in Massachusetts to assist you with the unique facts of your case.

There are hundreds of attorneys to choose from in Massachusetts, which can make your job and your decision a difficult one. Fortunately, there are some specific things you can look for to help you find the best sexual harassment attorney for your situation.

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What To Consider When Looking for the Best Sexual Harassment Attorney


Sexual harassment cases can be complicated, emotional, and lengthy. Taking on cases such as these is not wise for an attorney who is fresh out of law school. You want someone who has several years of experience practicing law and who is well versed in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Ideally, the attorney will also have experience trying cases or dealing with the specific courts where your case may be heard. That familiarity with local court personnel can give you an added advantage which may be enough to tilt things in your favor as much as possible.


Many law firms typically take on all kinds of cases. However, you will want to find a law firm that specializes in dealing with sexual harassment cases. There are many nuances to this particular area of the law and the best way to become an expert is by focusing practice on sexual harassment cases.

Developing a reputation as a tough and seasoned attorney in this area is also another edge that can work to your advantage as well. You want someone who deals with sexual harassment cases on a daily basis.

Client Testimonials

It is one thing to take on a case, and quite another to enjoy a successful outcome. When researching possible lawyers, make sure you can review client testimonials and get references so that you can get a better feel as to how the lawyer works and what you can expect if you retain them going forward.

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