Davis & Davis Secure Another Victory In Wage Act Case


John Davis, the managing partner of Davis & Davis, P.C., won another Wage Act case on behalf of his client, who worked at a car dealership, the defendant. The case was brought in the Massachusetts Superior Court, Essex County. Judge Joshua Wall entered summary judgment as to liability against the car dealership for violating the Massachusetts Wage Act, MGL c. 151, section 1A.

John’s client, Rachel, performed a number of administrative tasks, including greeting customers, filing paperwork and answering the telephone. Rachel worked more than 40 hours per week, but instead of getting paid the overtime premium, which is 1.5 times the base rate/amount, the car dealership paid Rachel ‘straight’ time.

John won on Summary Judgment, which means that he convinced Judge Wall that a trial was not necessary to establish Rachel was not paid overtime wages. Judge Wall agreed that as a matter of law, John successfully carried his burden of proof.

As a result, Rachel is now entitled to a monetary judgment to compensate her for her unpaid overtime wages. She is also entitled under the Wage Act for interest at 12% annum on the judgment, plus reimbursement for any expenses. Additionally, the law firm Davis & Davis, P.C. is also entitled to its attorney’s fees, paid for by the defendant/dealership.

Attorney John Davis has enjoyed success on countless occasions with Wage Act claims. He has been successful through private negotiation, mediations, summary judgment motions and trials. Congratulations to John and Rachel on their huge win.

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