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If you have experienced discrimination in the workplace based on your race or national origin, you deserve aggressive legal representation

Davis & Davis, P.C. is proud that we have created new law in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts with a groundbreaking case based upon a legal theory known as “associational discrimination.” 

Race discrimination in the workplace should not be tolerated, and is illegal in Boston. You have the right to be protected from discrimination in the workplace, and our race discrimination lawyers in Boston are ready to look into your case. 

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At Davis & Davis, P.C., our Boston race discrimination attorneys can protect your rights while fighting for the compensation you deserve. 

Attorney John Davis won a trial for race-based associated discrimination in the workplace. Currently, Attorney Davis’ victory is still good law and has been cited by many other lawyers and legal commentators for its significance. John’s client was awarded emotional distress damages in the amount of $50,000, and the company was sanctioned an additional $10,000 by the MCAD. In addition, John’s client received 12% interest on his award and was awarded reimbursement for all of his litigation expenses. The law firm was also awarded attorney’s fees for successfully prosecuting this first-of-its-kind lawsuit.

John Davis’ client was a Caucasian laborer. His boss, who was the owner and general manager for the company, was also Caucasian. The boss learned that his employee (John’s client) was married to a dark-skinned Jamaican woman. This boss would taunt his employee by ridiculing and insulting his employee’s wife with incredibly offensive, racist slurs. Even though both the boss and the employee were “white,” John Davis successfully argued that his client was entitled to judgment because he was constantly subjected to vulgar racism based upon his wife’s race and national origin.

In the spring of 2015, John Davis won another huge victory after a four-day jury trial in the Massachusetts Superior Court. John represented a black employee who was subjected to racial slurs by his boss. The jury not only awarded John’s client future lost wages and emotional distress but also punitive damages, resulting in a large six-figure verdict. Davis & Davis, P.C. was also awarded attorney’s fees for their success in prosecuting the discrimination claims.

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If you are being treated differently at work because of the color of your skin or based upon your place of birth, you can count on Davis & Davis, P.C. to fight for you. We strive to achieve favorable outcomes for our clients who have experienced racial discrimination.

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